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Poodle - General Information

There are three sizes of Poodle; the Toy - less than 11" tall, the Miniature - between 11-15" and the Standard who is over 15" tall. The Breed Standard for all three Poodles is identical except for size.

Although he is viewed as being French in origin, he comes from Germany where he was known as the Water Dog or Pudel and was used as a gundog, particularly for waterfowling, and for carting. Once in France the Poodle's potential as companion dogs was exploited and he became a great favourite in Court as they were bred down in size. There is scarcely a French monarch who did not own poodles.

He makes a lovely family dog being playful and good-tempered, although poor temperaments do occur in Standards and you should make sure that the dam is even-tempered before acquiring a puppy. Grooming is, of course, an expense as even scissoring is a considerable skill and he should be professionally groomed every 6 - 8 weeks.